Fashion Show in Playschool

Last week we held our fashion show in Playschool. The kids enjoyed dressing up in cute dresses and costumes. Please enjoy the pictures!

                                                                     Can't wait for summer!

Pose like a real princess :)

Sometimes our clothes were a bit over-sized.
                                                               We got to play cowboys...
                                                                       And a lot more...

Do you like my sunglasses?


Junior Kinder Winter Activities

Today we made pipe cleaner bracelets with colorful beads. They loved the little star beads. 

They created beautiful bracelets while others played with pokkuri.  

Bracelets and temporary tattoos were popular today. Everyone was excited to show each other their cool designs. 


Winter Fun with Playschool

We learn about winter in January and since there is no snow outside, we decided to make our own snow in the classroom. The kids really enjoyed playing with shaving foam and make it snow.

We admit, things got a little messy, but babies loved pretending that their hair is covered with snow.


Kinder:Christmas Show and Poster Contest

Poster Contest :
We had our annual Poster Contest !!
Everyone learned how to draw dragons from several countries, then made a poster for their favorite kind of dragon.  They used many materials including paint, construction paper, crayons, markers, and colored pencils. It was challenging for them, but they enjoyed the experience.

"We got a prize!!"

"I got 1st prize!!"

 Christmas Show:
The kids did an amazing job on December 16th. We are very proud of each one of them.
They did a great job singing ,dancing and acting!!

""We are Santa and the elves!! Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everyone!!"

"We are the Vikings!"
"Thank you Santa!"


Autumn Harvest with Playschool

In November we had a little cooking activity in Playschool. Well, by cooking we mean eating yummy apple with maple syrup :)
The kids really liked it and asked for seconds many many ... many times. Please enjoy the pictures.


This month we learned about dragons!! We enjoyed drawing and painting European, American, and Asian dragons.  Also we made a lot of crafts 😆

I'm coloring my dragon!


I'm making dragon scales😏


This is our dragon! We made it with bananas and green pancakes.


Let's eat our dragon !