Kinder Class studied about birds in April and in preparation for our plant studies in May, we made eggshell planters and grew sprouts. Watch them grow!

Spring in to Playschool !

Welcome to Playschool 2021!
We had fun playing with lots of colors.
Look at our art!

Painting Painting! I love Blue!

My hand is Purple..

We are artists!


"I like Pink!"   "I like Green!"


Making Snow!

This December, playschool made snow together...

First, you need to add water to the powder.

"What is this?"

"What should we do?"

You need to mix it up!

"It feels kind of funny."

"It's cold and mushy!"

It has become snow!

"Wow! That's amazing."


Junior Kinder Fire Station Field Trip

This month we are learning all about transportation so we decided it'd be a perfect time to take a trip to the fire station!

We were greeted by many kind firemen who taught us all about fire safety
Looks just like the hose mommy uses to water her garden!

Cool Uniform
they gave us a tour of the ambulance and the firetruck too 

Hurry Hurry! Drive Drive!
 The Firefighters had one last surprise for us!
We got to experience what it's like to walk through a smoke filled room
stay low and cover your mouth

 It was a bit scary at first but really really fun!

 What a wonderful day! 
We hope they liked the thank you card we made for them


Play School Halloween Dress Up

 We tried on many different colorful costumes...

"I am Minnie Mouse!"
"I'm making a happy Jack-O'lantern face"

"I chose this white wedding dress!"

"I can't wait for Halloween!"


Play School Jellyfish Fun!

We made a colorful jellyfish out of paper bowls and tissue paper...
We are gathering lots of paper strips to stick on!

Place them nicely!
"I did it!"

There are so many colors to choose from. 

We are having a good time!


Junior Kinder: Let's get out and exercise!

We got to play with our Kinder friends the other day!

They taught us proper parachute holding techniques
Hold on tight!
We had lots of fun moving the parachute up and down! 
It was so windy!!

The weather has been warming up recently
 so we decided to go outside and get some exercise 

Say cheese!

Rock Scissors Paper 1,2,3!

We've been practicing building up our upper body strength
 We're getting so good at climbing!

slow and steady!
The bridge was a little scary at first...

But with a little practice it was a piece of cake!