Learning About Tools!

This month we're learning about tools and what we use them for. The kids are even learning the sounds they make!

The kids love to play with the Tool box during play time. The hammer is especially popular.

He knows the name of the screwdriver! Great Job!


Summer Festival in Playschool

We had an amazing summer festival in Playschool last week. We played a lot of fun games, we smashed a huge watermelon (with the help of teachers :)), we had an epic water gun fight and yes, we did get quite wet. The kids really enjoyed shooting the teachers. :(  Please enjoy the pictures!!

                                                                   Sibling gathering :)

                              We said goodbye to one of our students. We'll miss you Jordan!
                                                               (p.s. don't drink that!)


Kinder :August

Kinder Summer Fun program!

This month we were busy making yummy treats that are perfect to beat the heat!!  Shaved ice and Jello!

We mixed blue jello and water.  After that we put them in a cup with shaved ice on top!!

"I got a blue tongue!"
 Lemonade making.

We had an ice cream birthday party with Junior Kinder kids. 
"It's so yummy"


Staying Cool In August

This month we are celebrating summer with some fun activities to keep us 
😊 COOL 😊

We all had lots of fun with bubbles of all shapes and sizes!!
Stand real still....
Bubble Party!
how big can you make your bubbles??
 We also made some nice chilly Jello Jiggler Shave Ice cups
with our Kinder Class buddies
Perfect thing to cool down our bodies on a HOT summer day!

To go along with our snacks we also did some icy painting
 and finished off the week decorating our own shave ice and ice cream cones

Summer is such a blast!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer holiday too!

Fun with balls in playschool

It is either too hot or raining so lately we didn't really have a chance to go outside. 
But it's all okay, because we had a blast playing with balls inside. 

                   We have big balls, small balls, basketballs, soccer balls, all the balls you can wish for.
                                                  And the kids all have their favorites.
                                       Or just like to look at the beautiful colors on the wall.
                                                       Or just lie down and take it easy.
                                            Everyone had so much fun in their own way!!

                               Also, this week is flower week in playschool, so we made some pretty                                                        decorations. We made tissue paper flowers...
                                                      And we sponge stamped some.


Kinder July

Sorry this is so late, but I wanted to share some of our photos from Kinder Class in July!  Our theme was "Pirates" and we tons of fun playing with pirate ships and dressing up like pirates.

One of the first things we did was paint a few cardboard ships that we used to play with throughout the month.  We also painted a play mat for the ships that looks like a sea with a few islands.

The kids loved making their own pirate costumes.  We made these nifty headbands, awesome belts, and sharp swords!  It is so fun to dress like a pirate!

For a quick snack one day we made a yummy pirate ship!

At the end of the month we made "ships" with sails and tried to race them using only wind power!!


July with Junior Kinder

This July it's been unbearably hot so we decided to make an obstacle course inside! The kids had a blast!

Check out this Crouching Tiger Jump!

Great balance!

This month we said Goodbye to one of our students. All of us in Japan will miss you!


Cooking and water fun in Playschool

                                   Last week we had two days of cooking fun in playschool
                                 We made a delicious fruit salad in the colors of the rainbow
                Everyone loved it so much, we could barely keep up with giving everyone seconds :)

                                                                   Mmmm, yummy ...

                                                                         Big bite 

                                                                 Big bite number 2 :D

                                                         We said goodbye to a friend
                                                   Bye-bye Momoka, have fun in the US

This month we learn about the sea
Kids made beautiful fish and crabs and it's not over yet ...
                                                                      Under the sea