Craft day in Playschool

 This month we learn about the weather in playschool

Yesterday we made a nice fluffy cloud

Today we colored happy and sad clouds 

                                                           Trying hard to stay in the line

                                                                I love the happy cloud


Earlier this month we had a nice picnic at Shukuawa Park.  The weather was perfect for spending some time outside.

Look out below!

Since we are learning about flowers this month, we also made a fruit snack in the shape of a flower.  Yummy!


Junior Kinder Activities and May Birthday Party fun!

This month Jr Kinder had a picnic indoors. Although it was inside, we had a nice breeze and some bird sounds to help create the picnic atmosphere.

May's theme was Farm animals. Today we practiced milking a cow! There were lots of smiles, laughs, and wet pants. 

 Birthday Parties aren't complete without a dance with all your friends!

The Birthday girl right before she ate her cookie sandwich. 


Discovery: Mother's Day

                                           We made some yummy candies for Mother's Day!

                                                      We all wore our pretty aprons.

                                                                 Do you want a bite?

                                                               Crushing the cookies

                                                                       Stir, stir, stir!


Family Day Festival on the Sunday, June 10th

We are having Family Day Festival on the Sunday, June 10th !! 

Please check out the brochure and submit the ticket to the office.

See you there!



Kinder :Planting seeds and Birthday Party!!

Be careful,Not too much!!

Let's learn how to grow vegetables.

It's our birthday party😆

When there's not enough chairs,sit on your friends!!


Playschool Goodbye Party

Our school year is winding down
and it's time to say goodbye to our friends as they move up to Jr. Kinder or change schools 

What flavor would you like?
Strawberry? Melon?
We had a small goodbye party to hang out with all our friends that we made this year 

Of course no party is OFFICIAL without Balloons! and Confetti!
💗 Thanks for a wonderful year! 💗

It was such a pleasure getting to know everyone this year and watching everyone grow and become BIG BOYS and BIG GIRLS

Have a wonderful spring break and we hope to see everyone again soon!


February:Kinder Marathon

Kinder Marathon

Bless with a beautiful weather,Our young runners and their parents were super excited!!
We made sure we stretched first😅 

On your mark ......Ready,set,Go!!

A big congratulations not just to our medalists, but to everyone for trying their personal best!!


Discovery: Heart Brooches

We made some lovely heart brooches to give to our loved ones!

 It was a bit difficult to cut the felt, but we used special scissors that made it easy peasy

what should I add next?
Glue on the finishing touches.. flowers and buttons!
Now all that's left is to figure out who to give it to.. I hope they like it ❤


Junior Kinder February

This month we explored the theme of doctors and dentists, and the kids got some real hands-on experience as we learned about these caretakers.  We made our own doctor's kits, helped each other check height and weight, and even prepared blood!  OK, it was just red paint, but the kids really had a blast using droppers to fill a cup with "blood".

The kids also had a great time playing doctor every day, especially when it was time to give the teacher his medicine!

We sang a lot of songs about bodies to learn about our body parts.  We even took some time to learn where some of our organs are and what they do in our bodies.  Now everyone knows that your brain is not in your belly!


Playschool Yummy Week!

This month in Playschool we are learning about 
❤All The Things We Love❤
and this week is all about yummy foods we LOVE to eat 

We dipped Strawberries, Banana, and Marshmallows in everyone's favorite food...

3,2,1.. Let's Eat!!

Things got a little messy but it was lots of fun!!

Do you like my chocolate mustache?
 Yum! Yum!

More Please!!