Junior Kinder: Community Helpers

This month we're learning about community helpers. The first week we learned some new vocabulary about doctors; the class had fun playing with the stethoscopes and flashlights. The girls got very creative and used our blue basket to make something similar to a CT scan. How smart our class is!

Our trip to visit our local fire men was a lot of fun! The kids learned about fire safety and got to sit in an ambulance and a fire truck! The kids really enjoyed learning that day.


Preparing for Halloween with Playschool

Welcome to this week's "scary" edition.
October is here and we started preparing for Halloween in Playschool. We are making a lot of decorations to celebrate this spooky holiday and sing a lot of Halloween songs.

                                       This monster bat turned out scarier than we expected. :)

                                           And look at these high quality sponge paintings.
                                       Now please enjoy the line up of our "scary" babies. :O

                                          We also made a beautiful moon and got very messy...



Kinder Stay Over Night

 We spent the night at school and went bowling!!

Bowling with my fiends is so much fun!!

"Where is my ball??"
"It's coming!!"

I brought my friend from home!