February Discovery

 As you probably know, many people celebrate Valentine's Day in February.  So in the spirit of giving a gift of sweets to loved ones, we made Rice Krispy treats for the kids to take home.  This was a great snack to make because the children were able to do everything by themselves with instructions and a little guidance.

They first measured the rice and marshmallows.  Then over a hot plate on low heat, we stirred and melted the marshmallows with some butter.

Everyone got a turn.

We got to see the marshmallows melting!

All done!  We'd better add the rice now.

Let's put it all in a baking pan.

Make it nice and flat. 

After that we decorated!  We put sprinkles inside cookie cutters to make a nice design.

When it was all done, we cut it all into bars to take home.

This was so easy and fun to make, I'm sure they would love to make it again for you at home!

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