Rainy Day and Fruit Salad Cooking

It was a rainy day so unfortunately we couldn't go to the park but we had lots of fun indoors today! 
To start things off today was our cooking day!
In preparation for next week's RAINBOW theme we made some colorful fruit salad!

First we went over all the different kinds of fruits there are and their colors! 
Apples,Blueberries,Grapes,Bananas,Kiwi,Oranges... the list goes on!

Today we are used Kiwis, Bananas, and Oranges

 Time to cut our ingredients 
WATCH your fingers!

Am I cutting ok?
Cut, Cut, Cut

How are you doing? 

 Once we have everything in bite-size portions it's time to eat!

Waiting patiently for teachers to help us
Anpan Man and Baikin Man look hungry too!

I'm Finished!

Because we couldn't go outside and play we played inside with balls.
Can you throw, catch, and roll the ball?

Last but not least today's craft! To go along with the wet weather we decorated raindrops

My raindrop is sad because it's raining
 Look at my happy Raindrop

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day....

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