Winter Science Discovery

Today in our Discovery class, the kids did some science experiments with "snow" and ice!

In the first experiment, we tried to make ice grow by carefully pouring nearly frozen water onto big ice cubes.  It didn't work as well as I'd hoped, but it did work a little and the kids enjoyed seeing where the ice was growing.  After that, we put salt on the ice, and watched where it was melting by dripping paint on top.  It was really interesting to see how the ice melts with the bright colors!

In our second experiment we made play snow by adding baking soda to hair conditioner, and the kids had a lot of fun mixing it together.  Once it was mixed evenly, everyone made little snowmen.  But once our snowmen were made, we had to say goodbye to them!  We dripped vinegar onto the snowmen, and had fun watching the reaction of the vinegar and baking soda as our poor snowmen bubbled and melted away!

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