Junior Kinder Rainy Day

Our first soccer practice of the new school year was cancelled because of rain, but we made the most of it by playing some games and working on motor skills indoors.  The kids were really excited when we broke out the bean bags for some throwing fun.  We tried throwing bags on our names, into a basket, and finally to knock down towers!  It was a blast and a good opportunity to work on body coordination.  And since the start of school, the kids have been threading the letters of their names and we finally finished today.  It's a good start to getting really familiar with letter shapes.  Finally, we've been working on a really cool bee hive craft for the past week, and that's finished too.  It involved painting with bubble wrap, sponge painting the clouds, hand-print painting the bee design, and gluing everything down.  It was a lot of work, but it turned out great and gave the kids a lot of experience with different ways of making crafts while developing fine motor skills.

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