Jr. Kinder Farmers

We are having a great time learning about farms!  The first thing we did was to make those farmer hats, and the kids did an amazing job on them.  We looked at books to see all the things that come from farms, which inspired us to get some dirt and grow our own baby leaf patch in class.  Good thing we had those hats ready!  We've also been making a lot of crafts, from the big farm field on the wall, to the vegetables in the field, and now farm animals.  I can't wait until next week when we make our own butter!  Yee-haw!

Good morning farmers!

Get ready for planting.

Oh!  Dropped some seeds.
When it's all grown we'll have another salad.
(To tell the truth, we eat a little piece everyday.  It's yummy!)

The kids painted, cut, and glued the whole farm!

Farmers have to take care of their animals too.

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