Visiting the Bakery!!

Jr. Kinder had a really special trip to Ryoichi Yamauchi Bakery today, and it was terrific!  The staff was wonderful and really enjoyed having us, and the kids had a great time learning about the bakery.  We got to see the big baker's ovens, the giant bags of flour, and the cool mixing machines.  Then we prepared our own hot dog bread by brushing it with egg and putting mayonnaise on top.  After that, the baker put it in the oven for us.  Next, he showed us how to make shokupan like a professional!  When our bread finished baking, we got to take it home with an extra melonpan!  What an awesome bakery visit we had!  When we left, all the kids said a big "Thank you!"

Look at the mixers go!

Let's prepare our own bread.

Be careful!

That's perfect.

The baker shows us what to do.

Yummy mayonnaise.

Not too much.

Getting ready for shokupan.

Our bread is finished.  Thank you!


So yummy!

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