Back to Class

The Summer Program is finished, and it's great to be back with Junior Kinder again.  Our theme is Under Construction and we haven't wasted any time learning about building.
 We've been reviewing shapes and colors and pasted colorful houses which are on display in the hallway. 
This is a really cool tower that we hand-painted together.  It was really fun to get our hands in the paint and mix the colors.  Then we glued some windows together for the sun to shine in.

We've been learning about a few well-known buildings around the world.  One of the most famous towers in the world, we glued shapes and colors together to make a really big Eiffel Tower!

We are making buildings with big boxes, but brown cardboard boxes are so boring. We have so many boxes to decorate and build with.  Let's experiment with paint to make nice wallpaper for our buildings.
 Bubble wrap stamping makes a pretty neat effect.
Or just get in the paint and mix the colors together.  Nice color!

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