☆Kinder☆ Thank you for coming to our snowflake festival!

The whole NIS staff especially the Kinder teachers are super proud of the whole cast!

We hope that we made everyone laugh or at least smile from ear to ear!!

Merry Christmas☆
Happy holidays!!


Discovery: Christmas Cooking!

 To get into the Holiday Spirit we made Christmas Cookies this month for discovery!

We all had lots of fun measuring ingredients and putting them together!



Baking Powder and Sugar...

 Mix it all together and what do you get?

 Now for the fun part! choose your favorite cookie cutters 

Angels! Bells! Christmas Trees!
Which one did you choose?

 Put the cookies in the oven and now we wait...

Hurry Up! Hurry Up!

I'm so HUNGRY!!
Who wants Sprinkles and Icing!?

 Making our own icing... Mix carefully!!

Who are you gonna give your cookie to??

Now that we know how to make delicious Christmas Cookies we can make a batch for Santa when he comes to deliver our presents!
  Happy Holidays!


December Cooking in Playschool

This week in Playschool we decorated Christmas Treats to take home! 

On Thursday we decorated pancakes.
We used red and green icing, with star and silver sprinkles.

Uh-oh! Don't eat it yet!

On Friday we decorated cookies.

Good job!

Those cookies look so pretty... and so yummy!

Merry Christmas!


Balloon Science!

In November I taught Balloon Science for Discovery and we had a popping good time!  We started out by just trying to blow up the balloons to see how much energy we have to use just to fill them with air.

Then we tried filling them with Coca-Cola and Mentos and shaking them up to see if we could blow them up that way.  The kids were really surprised when the balloons started getting bigger.

After that, we tried sticking a skewer in the side of a balloon...and it popped.  Then we put a skewer through the top of the balloon didn't pop!  We learned the top doesn't pop because it is not stretched out.

For the next experiment, we taped a balloon to a stick, and held the balloon over a candle popped.  But when we put just a little water into the next balloon, it didn't pop over the candle!  Even after 30 seconds (we counted)!

Next, we experimented with static electricity.  We rubbed the balloons on our heads and built up a static charge.  Everyone's hair was sticking to the balloons, and we had fun trying to stick the balloons onto other things.  We even saw how a static charge can attract a stream of water in the sink.  We moved the running water without touching it!!!

Finally, we saw what happens when you put a coin into a balloon, blow it up, then shake it.  The coin rolls around and around inside the balloon for a really long time!  This was a super fun Discovery!  Thanks for coming!


December in Jr.Kinder class !!!!!

We start practicing for our Christmas show!!

We do singing while dancing this time♪
Trying  to do our best!!

”Everyone singing too-!!”

We have Jr.Kinder's play this year!!
They love to wear the costumes on☆
We are getting better with our lines!!
”I'm OOO”と役になりきりみんな楽しんでいます♪

Don’t miss it!!お楽しみに
Have fun-





* Ingredients(材料):Egg, Flour, Baking powder, Sugar, Butter, Water


[Discovery Class受講について]
Discovery Kids Club is for curious children who are interested in trying new things as they explore the world around them.  Using cooking, arts and Science; students are given the opportunity to discover new things with friends.  This class is available for both enrolled students and non-enrolled students ages 3 and up.  Tickets are available at the office for 1 time and 5 times.