Kinder ☆Working hard!!☆

February has been a busy but super fun month for Kinder, discovering the things we love doing, trying different "jobs" at school and "earning money" to spend on toys !
Working is fun!!

S: How much are the balloons?
T: 10 dollars each.
S: Umm......5+1....2...3....4=??
    Oh no! I don't have enough money!


January Scarves

Last month we made a scarf craft to help us stay warm and cozy in the winter.
First everyone had to find the letters to their name.

Then they chose the color of their scarves and began sewing them together.  This takes a lot of concentration to do well!

After that, it was time to glue on names and decorate!


Playschool: Toys Toys Toys!

Getting ready for Valentine's Day next week in Playschool 
We discussed "All the Things We Love"

We made some cute teddy bear couples

 What's your favorite toy?

I like trains!! I like cars!!

Of course everyone's favorite 


Playshool Setsubun Party

We celebrated the Japanese custom,Setsubun on 2/2 &2/3

Go Away ! Demon,,, Go Away

We are not scared,,,aren't we ??  a little...


Discovery for February

We would like to inform you of Discovery Kids Club for this month on Feb. 14 (Tue) and Feb. 27 (Mon).

For February 14,

                                      And for February 27,

Why don't you join us!!
Please contact the office for sign-up or questions. 

Thank you.