Act it Out! The Three Little Pigs with Junior Kinder

Last Week's story was The Three Little Pigs. We had fun acting out the story! 

Oh No! The big bad wolf is coming!

The wolf knocks on the third little pigs door. What will happen? 

Junior Kinder Obstacle Course

 In February we had a wonderful day doing one of our favorite activities. An obstacle course is a great way to get the kids moving before lunch on a cold day. 

 Balancing is one of the skills the kids like to practice. Trying not to rush is a bit of a challenge for some. 

It's the end of the year and we had to make the course a bit tougher for everyone. These little stepping stones were perfect. Great job everyone!


Cooking with Playschool

Last month we had a cooking party during Yummy, yummy week. We ate bananas and marshmallows and our babies learnt (more or less) how to dip their food in chocolate sauce. They really enjoyed it and couldn't stop asking for seconds.

                                                     This chocolate sauce is just too yummy...

                                                        "We are cutting our bananas neatly"

                                                           "Hm...who ate my banana?"