Apple Race Cars

In today's Discovery Class we made 
Apple Race Cars

A simple and easy treat that's also fun to eat

First Step was to cut up our apples! 
We did it all by ourselves!

Watch your fingers!


Remember to cut the grapes in half for your wheels too!

 Last step is to put it all together with toothpicks!

Be Careful! Don't poke your fingers!

Looking great!

Easy Peasy!

Finally Time to Eat!


Kinder :Royal Tea Party

Kinder Royal Tea Party

Meet handsome princes and beautiful princesses at the Kingdom of Kindergarten!!

They put on their best manners as they enjoy our Royal Tea Party.


Tea time was followed by lots of dancing 😍

1,2,3,4,!!1,2,3,4 ♪♪♪ Wow!!Dancing is fun!!


October Junior Kinder

Junior Kinder was a lot of fun last month!  We were doing a bit more sensory based activities like finger painting and hand stamping to have more fun as we learned new letters.
Here we were using stamp pads with our hands to fill in a letter.  We found out we can even stamp our arms and faces!  This quickly evolved into a favorite activity for everyone.  Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

We also made a lot of crafts for our theme, and in the spirit of Halloween, we ended up making almost a complete costume.
Here's one of the kiddies wearing an elf's hat, magic bracelet, and enchanted flute that really plays music!