Summer Program coming soon!! 

Time flies so fast!
July is almost over and our summer program is starting soon in August!!

Thank you for everybody already signed up for our Summer School; Early Morning Studying, Fun Kinder and Challenge program.

And Playschool, Junior Kinder and Kinder classes also has a special summer program for August!  Please refer the August class calendar for schedule, etc.

Let' have fun summer together!!

Afterschool Plus: Wow!  My boat is floating♪


Discovery: Light bulb Aquariums

To decorate our rooms for summer we made light bulb aquariums!!

Fill your bulb with your favorite color jelly balls
Blue Green Yellow Red
What's your favorite color?


Make sure you don't fill it all the way... Still need to put our fishes and shells in!
Be careful when you put the jelly into your light bulbs! They're slippery!


Time to put the water in!

 Our Finished Products!!


Kinder :Bugs,Bugs,Bugs

Kinder got lucky to have been able to observe ,touch and even play with some really HUGE beetles in the classroom.(We let the cool stag beetle alone in it's cage though 😏)Thank you kid and family (You know who you are 😍)for making our theme study time super duper special!!

Ohh! It's crawling up my arm!!


Look! I think it likes me !!

Hinoike POOL Junior Kinder

We went to Hinoike pool with Kinder class last week.
We had so much fun together!
Let's stretch before swim♪

I can crawl in the water!!

I'm not scared of the water!!

I got you! Ben!!!

July Discovery: Arrow Gliders

This month in Discovery we designed and made Arrow Gliders!  These are really cool toy jets that you can launch with an included stick and rubber band.

First we learned what symmetry is because we wanted the kids to try and make a symmetrical design on their wings.  Then, we practiced some simple symmetry on the white board as a group.  Next, everyone made a quick practice design for their wings on paper.  Finally they were ready to get the real wings and make their final design.  We used nice markers, and everyone had lots of stamps to choose from if they wanted an animal or character on their plane.  What's cooler than a jet with tigers on the wings!  They made nice designs and seemed thrilled with their gliders.  Great job everyone!