Kinder Stay Overnight

We spend the night at Kabutoyama Nature House for our school camp!!

We made our night light  just in case we get scared to sleep in the dark.

Sleeping with friends is so much fun!!

Made sure we ate good breakfast before we go hiking !


Discovery: Flubber

We made Flubber today for Discovery Class
Our hands got a bit gooey and messy but it was lots of fun!!

Combining our secret ingredients... it was stinky!

Mix, Mix, Mix
Now adding our final touches.
put in some glue ... and...
We did it!

We made two batches! One for ourselves
and one to share with our family and friends

Looks just like candy!
Yum! Yum!


プリスクール説明会・Preschool Orientation


説明会にご参加いただいたお子様にはJunior Kinderクラスへの体験レッスン(2時間)のチケットをお渡しさせていただきます。


We would like to invite interested parents and their children to an introduction of our Preschool program  (Junior Kinder and Kinder classes). If you are interested in an international Preschool education, this is your chance to get to know us and to ask any questions about the program and our school.

    Date:   9 October, 2017
◆時間/Time:10:30 ~ 11:30 
    Place:   Nishinomiya International School
◆対象:Playschool保護者様,Preschool 希望外部生の保護者様
   Guests: Parents/Guardians of Playschool students or children  
   who will be eligible for Preschool from April 2018.

If you would like to attend Preschool Orientation, please give us a call and let us know you are coming!! 

Nishinomiya International School ☎ (0798)75-6660