Kinder :Christmas Party

We celebrated all our hard work this busy month by having a Christmas Party!!

We decorated our 2 layered cupcakes!

We played "Pass the parcel" and everyone was excited to get a little present.

What a perfect outfit  for the occasion:Merry Christmas from Kinder class!!


Junior Kinder Winter Snack

There are a lot of great ways to celebrate the winter holiday season.  One of my favorite ways is to make holiday-themed sweets!  Below you can see Junior Kinder making snacks by cutting shapes out of bread with cookie cutters.  Then we spread some colorful frosting on the bread, and topped it off with sprinkles!  It was an easy and yummy treat!
Look!  I made a gingerbread man!

We love putting on sprinkles!

Time to eat!


Playschool Christmas Cooking

This week we celebrated the holidays a bit early and decorated some 
Christmas Cookies
Don't Eat them yet!
 We took them home to share with mom and dad 

looks so yummy!


Kinder : Poster Making Contest

We held a Poster Making Contest for Kinder in  November,so we can spread awareness on how to take care of our Earth and the Environment.

Everyone really worked hard ,so they all got a little present 😄

Congratulations to our 3 winners !!
They felt happy and proud that so many people voted for their posters.


1st  prize goes to this young promising artist!
Her message:Plant more trees 😊



Christmas Party for Afterschool

As we have already announced, our Christmas Party will be held on December 17th. We have only 4 seats left for Afterschool as of December 2nd, and the deadline for sign up is December 9th. If you would like to join, please hurry !


Apple Race Cars

In today's Discovery Class we made 
Apple Race Cars

A simple and easy treat that's also fun to eat

First Step was to cut up our apples! 
We did it all by ourselves!

Watch your fingers!


Remember to cut the grapes in half for your wheels too!

 Last step is to put it all together with toothpicks!

Be Careful! Don't poke your fingers!

Looking great!

Easy Peasy!

Finally Time to Eat!


Kinder :Royal Tea Party

Kinder Royal Tea Party

Meet handsome princes and beautiful princesses at the Kingdom of Kindergarten!!

They put on their best manners as they enjoy our Royal Tea Party.


Tea time was followed by lots of dancing 😍

1,2,3,4,!!1,2,3,4 ♪♪♪ Wow!!Dancing is fun!!


October Junior Kinder

Junior Kinder was a lot of fun last month!  We were doing a bit more sensory based activities like finger painting and hand stamping to have more fun as we learned new letters.
Here we were using stamp pads with our hands to fill in a letter.  We found out we can even stamp our arms and faces!  This quickly evolved into a favorite activity for everyone.  Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

We also made a lot of crafts for our theme, and in the spirit of Halloween, we ended up making almost a complete costume.
Here's one of the kiddies wearing an elf's hat, magic bracelet, and enchanted flute that really plays music!


Oreo Dirt Cups

This month to celebrate Halloween
 we made some creepy crawly but delicious dirt cups!

Pounding out our oreo dirt

watch your fingers!
 Next it was time to mix our mud made out of  chocolate..
...and tofu!!

everything is always better with lots of chocolate!

The moment of truth... 
taste testing was scary but it was really yummy!

 Time to layer everything together

Picking out our worms

Is it really made out of candy?
Two please!
A nice holiday treat that's even a bit healthy
Happy Halloween Everyone!




2018-2019年度 プレイスクールとプリスクールへの在籍申込みについて

Playschool & Preschool Program
 Enrollment/ Change of Course Applications
for the 2018-2019 School Year 



We will begin accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year in our
Playschool and Preschool programs from November. Please refer to the dates
and the papers needed below.

Applications for all courses are taken on a first come basis. 
When available spaces are full, we will ask you to fill out the waiting list application. 
Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions.


October Discovery

Discovery Kids Club will be held on Monday, 16th and Tuesday, 24th this month.
But we are very afraid to tell you that both of them are already full...

Just for your information for the future sign ups, let us tell you what we will do this time.

<October 16>

                                 < October 24 >
Also, we will have an annual Halloween Party on Saturday, October 28.
For more details and sign ups, please call our office.

Trick or Treat!!


Kinder Stay Overnight

We spend the night at Kabutoyama Nature House for our school camp!!

We made our night light  just in case we get scared to sleep in the dark.

Sleeping with friends is so much fun!!

Made sure we ate good breakfast before we go hiking !