5月のディスカバリー Part 1



The first Discovery Kids Club will be held on Tuesday, May 10th.
Let's enjoy original tea blend with some sweets♪


[Discovery Class受講について]


Discovery Kids Club is for curious children who are interested in trying new things as they explore the world around them.  Using cooking, arts and Science; students are given the opportunity to discover new things with friends.  This class is available for both enrolled students and non-enrolled students ages 3 and up.  Tickets are available at the office for 1 time and 5 times.


Family Day !!



Family !!

 Playschool Party ① 9:30~10:30
     〃     ② 11:00~12:00

 Junior Kinder          9:30~10:30
  Kinder      11:00~12:00

 Afterschool   12:30~13:30



Family Day is here!  Come and join us on Sunday, June 5th for fun and celebrate FAMILY!!

We are looking forward to having nice time together with many family members♪
For more details, please refer the information letter given to your child.  Save the day in your calendar!!


☆Kinder☆ Feeling Spring!

Our first craft in Kinder 2016!!
Beautiful Japanese flower, cherry blossom!! 
Everybody loves cherry blossom, right?
So fun to do cherry blossom painting too!


Junior Kinder Friends

The Junior Kinder class is off to a fun start!  We've been painting, singing, playing games, learning rules, and having a blast with new friends.

The crafts are pretty simple at this point, and we are focusing on doing things together.  The kids did some finger painting in the first week, which we turned into a pretty cherry blossom tree.  Then we did some other group collage crafts.  We've also played some fun stop and go games with music, and of course we sing in circle time every morning.  They are really learning how to help each other and learn together!


Welcome to Playschool!

Welcome to Playschool!
Another school year has begun!

We had a fun filled week meeting new and old friends
This month our theme is "Look at Me"

we are learning all about our bodies... 

Today we learned about our mouths!
We can use them to eat, speak, and sing... what do you like to use your mouth to do?
Help me please!

Of course no mouth is complete without a full set of pearly white teeth!

Say Cheese!!


Kissy Faces are great too!

next week we learn all about our arms and legs!
looking forward to climbing the jumping!


First Day !

New School Year starts!
There are lots of laughs smiles, and a few tears.


Let's play together!
Let's play with kitchen toys together!

Junior Kinder
Wow, it's so fun!
Look at our hands Look! look!
It's lunch time, .yummy
Dancing, singing with friends.

Kinder Class

Arranging it correct ?

Hello buny ! We love you!