Kinder Overnight at Kabutoyama Nature House

On June 28th to the 29th, Kinder class went to Kabutoyama Nature House for their overnight trip. They were a bit nervous saying goodbye to their parents, but once the trip started, the excitement began!

The first day we were invited to a special viewing of  a slide show of all the beautiful butterflies, dragonflies and other insects that can be found on Kabutoyama.

Then we went on a short hike to catch fairies and made special fairy jars. It was so exciting to see the glow of fairies from our jars.

After that we had a delicious dinner and went out to do fireworks. They were sparktastic!

Then it was time for our bath and off to bed...

Next morning, we had breakfast and went for a hike.

It was a great trip!





Discovery in July will be on Tuesday, 5th and Monday 25th.
Please don't miss your sign-up!!

5日のテーマは、クラフトです。Theme for July 5th is craft.

そして25日はカルチャーです!!   And for July 25, Culture!!

Please contact to the office for sign-up or questions.  Thank you.

[Discovery Class受講について]

Discovery Kids Club is for curious children who are interested in trying new things as they explore the world around them.  Using cooking, arts and Science; students are given the opportunity to discover new things with friends.  This class is available for both enrolled students and non-enrolled students ages 3 and up.  Tickets are available at the office for 1 time and 5 times.


Summer School

We are taking applications for our Summer Fun Program. Check out our home page for more information (Japanese only).  ⇒SUMMER FUN
For our regular students, please inquire at the front office for more information.
See you there!

プログラムの詳細は⇒SUMMER FUN


Rainy Day and Fruit Salad Cooking

It was a rainy day so unfortunately we couldn't go to the park but we had lots of fun indoors today! 
To start things off today was our cooking day!
In preparation for next week's RAINBOW theme we made some colorful fruit salad!

First we went over all the different kinds of fruits there are and their colors! 
Apples,Blueberries,Grapes,Bananas,Kiwi,Oranges... the list goes on!

Today we are used Kiwis, Bananas, and Oranges

 Time to cut our ingredients 
WATCH your fingers!

Am I cutting ok?
Cut, Cut, Cut

How are you doing? 

 Once we have everything in bite-size portions it's time to eat!

Waiting patiently for teachers to help us
Anpan Man and Baikin Man look hungry too!

I'm Finished!

Because we couldn't go outside and play we played inside with balls.
Can you throw, catch, and roll the ball?

Last but not least today's craft! To go along with the wet weather we decorated raindrops

My raindrop is sad because it's raining
 Look at my happy Raindrop

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day....


☆Kinder☆ Frisbeeee!!

The Kinder Class is learning to play Frisbee (Yay!)

We toss it!

We catch it!

We pick it up many many times........
It's not very easy but we're having a lot of fan!!

And our new classroom decorations!
Come and feel our special rain and hydrangea!


Italian Pizza - Discovery

We started summer with a Discovery lesson devoted to Italian Pizza!
Cooking pizza was fun.
First we spread some tomato sauce on pizza dough. Then we added salami and ham...

...some of us added paprika...

...and of course we covered our pizzas with CHEESE!

While the pizzas were in the oven, we discussed where pizza comes from. Did you know it was created in Italy? And now we also know what is the size of the biggest pizza in the world! It is even bigger than Syukugawa Park!

And then we heard the timer - pizza was ready! "Let's eat!",  we shouted.

Pizza was hot and yummy.

Some of us decided to bring it home to share with family! :)