Spring program 2016

We are making bunnies today!

What color would you like? 

We also dyed eggs!
Look at my blue egg!
I like my red egg!

So colorful!

We also were visited by a very special friend....The Easter Bunny!

We love Bunny!


Goodbye Week in Playschool

In Playschool this last week, we had a special activity every day as a way of saying "Goodbye" to all of our students who will be leaving us, or just "See you later" while we have a few days off for Spring Break.

Here we are making necklaces with pasta!

We also enjoyed making (and eating) trail mix with popcorn, granola, and chocolate!

Thanks for a great year, everybody! 


Discovery Cooking

For this month's Discovery Cooking we made chocolate covered Oreo Chicks 

We had lots of fun decorating our chicks thinking up funny faces to draw and cute names!

Chocolate is hard to work with huh!

What kind of face are you gonna draw? 
Chocolate Chips Please!

More Icing Please!
Almost Done!!

Finished! What do you think?...



Graduation Ceremony

Kinder Class had Graduation Ceremony today.

Song " K2 We Will Miss You" 
Wow, nice performance!

Song "You and Me"
Nice dancing and singing !!

Song "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"
Great song ☆

Congratulations !

The best wishes for your future !
We know it will be a bright one !


Jr. Kinder Oji Zoo!

I wanted to share some of our pictures from our wonderful trip to Oji Zoo!  Everyone had a really fun time and we saw many amazing animals.  My favorite was the huge elephant.  How about you?
Just a quick train ride away.

 So many flamingos.
 Everyone loved the sea lions.  They love swimming.
 Going to see some monkeys.
 What are they up to?
 They were really interested in that pink back pack!
 Which monkey do you guys like?
 This giraffe had just finished his snack.
 We saw a really big hippo.
The zebras were taking it easy. 
 Penguins love swimming all year round!
This elephant was enormous!

We saw so many interesting and funny animals at the zoo.  What a great trip.


3月のDiscoveryのお知らせ パート2