Kinder :Christmas Party

We celebrated all our hard work this busy month by having a Christmas Party!!

We decorated our 2 layered cupcakes!

We played "Pass the parcel" and everyone was excited to get a little present.

What a perfect outfit  for the occasion:Merry Christmas from Kinder class!!


Junior Kinder Winter Snack

There are a lot of great ways to celebrate the winter holiday season.  One of my favorite ways is to make holiday-themed sweets!  Below you can see Junior Kinder making snacks by cutting shapes out of bread with cookie cutters.  Then we spread some colorful frosting on the bread, and topped it off with sprinkles!  It was an easy and yummy treat!
Look!  I made a gingerbread man!

We love putting on sprinkles!

Time to eat!


Playschool Christmas Cooking

This week we celebrated the holidays a bit early and decorated some 
Christmas Cookies
Don't Eat them yet!
 We took them home to share with mom and dad 

looks so yummy!


Kinder : Poster Making Contest

We held a Poster Making Contest for Kinder in  November,so we can spread awareness on how to take care of our Earth and the Environment.

Everyone really worked hard ,so they all got a little present 😄

Congratulations to our 3 winners !!
They felt happy and proud that so many people voted for their posters.


1st  prize goes to this young promising artist!
Her message:Plant more trees 😊



Christmas Party for Afterschool

As we have already announced, our Christmas Party will be held on December 17th. We have only 4 seats left for Afterschool as of December 2nd, and the deadline for sign up is December 9th. If you would like to join, please hurry !