Kinder: April Birthday Party!

Things are starting to settle down as we get use to being the Big Boys and Big Girls of the school!
We had our first big event today to celebrate some April birthdays ☺

Played some party games..
Simon says "stand on one foot"

I didn't say "Simon Says"!!

Made Marvelous Marshmallow Sandwiches!

Happy Birthday!
make a wish..and blow out your candles!

...and had some fun with marshmallows till it was time to go home

Can't wait for the next birthday party!


Welcome to play school

Spring is here !! Spring in to playschool .

We are having fun with the blossoms painting and picnic this month .

"What is this ?" 

"Painting is fun!!", Pink Pink, Do you like pink?
"My hand is Pink"


"My lunch is yummy!!"LOVE picnic!


Welcome to Junior Kinder

The new school year has begun and our new Junior Kinder students are experiencing a lot of new things. We had our first Tumbling Class and they really enjoyed it. After class everyone was exhausted :)
                                                                         Grab on hard...
                                                                     ... and smile.
                                                                   Hang like a monkey.
                                                                      This is very high!!
                                                        The class is over, let's say goodbye.

We also had a popcorn party to welcome our new JK students. They loved watching the popcorn pop.
                                                                       POP POP POP...
                                                                      We love popcorn!!
Popcorn with chocolate sauce is YUMMY!