Halloween Party !

Boo !

scary hand....

(Junior Kinder &Kinder)

(Afterschool &Elementary)

We had Afterschool party and Bowling party !


Walking Practice

The weather is starting to get colder and it's starting to feel more like Fall!
It was such a beautiful day today we so took a walk outside 

Remember to follow the person in front of you
Hands Up Please!

This weekend is the Halloween Party!
Excited to see all the cool costumes!
Hope to see everyone there!

Halloween Discovery classes

We devoted both of our October Discovery lessons to Halloween preparations!
We started with making lanterns which could make spooky shadows of ghosts and witches on room walls.

 Some of us made cute lanterns with hearts and cats.

For our next Discovery lesson we made SPOOKY Snacks:  spider sandwiches and cheese broomsticks!  They were so tasty that we ate half of the food right there!

 Now we are ready to celebrate Halloween!

Jr.Kinder !!!SPORTS DAY!!!

Our sports day is coming soon.This Sunday!
We practice hard almost everyday.
Dance, relay, group gymnastics, etc.
We are READY!!!

Our group gymnastics

Running and jumping and NINJAS!!

Are you ready for a cool NINJA?!
We also practice relay at the park with Kinder class.


☆Kinder Class☆Sports Day Practice!!

We've been practicing our "SNOOPY DANCE (Sports Day Dance)"
Kids got so good and they are ready for THE DAY!

Let's get down!!

And our favorite, relay race!
The race is always a close game so teachers get excited too!

Everyboday runs at full speeeeed!!

We are all ready for Sports Day:)
Do our best and let's have fun!!


October Discovery - Part 2

Here is the announcement on Discovery Kids Club on Monday, October 24.

This time, we will make some special snacks for HALLOWEEN!!
Why don't you join us!

Please contact the office for sign-up or questions.  Thank you.