Jr.Kinder Cooking in January

More chocolate please!
Our theme this week was Winter Animals, so we made banana penguins.
 We cut bananas and peeled them first.  Then, we drew a penguin on it with melting chocolate and made a penguin  face with chocolate candies♪
It became a penguin!

I'm making a penguin!

Banana penguin

Look! My penguin is cute right??


☆Kinder Class☆ Marathon Practice!

It's freezing cold outside but that doesn't affect the kinder's motivation to train for our annual Marathon next week!!

We make sure that we stretch first.....

And remember to run in a steady pace.
Running without stopping for 15 minutes is not easy....
But we'er having fun as we get better day by day!!!


Playschool: Dressing Warmly

This month we've been learning all about dressing ourselves
We are all getting so good at putting on our socks and jackets on by ourselves!!

its getting so cold recently so we made some nice warm hats to hang on our classroom clothesline

make sure to spread out the cotton

Can I see your hat?
 Nice and Toasty!

Do I look like Santa? 
 We had a nice fashion show later with our new hats


Today's Discovery!

We made a chicken, the symbol of this year!

                       Making a mat for Chick first...             

This is my chick!!  

Everybody's chicks in a line!!  

Wishing you all the best for the year of 2017♪


Discovery for January

A Happy New Year!!
We wish you all the best for the year of  2017.

And here is the announcement for Discovery Kids Club on Jan. 17 (Tue) and 30 (Mon).
Let's have first fun of this year together!!

Please don't miss to sign up!!
Please contact the office for sign-up or questions. 
We are looking forward to hearing from you!   Thank you.


☆Daruma Class☆

This is the year of the Rooster, so we wrote 「とり」.

It was difficult to hold the brush upright,stroke,jump and curve.....

It was a second time for her to do first calligraphy of the year!
"I know how to do it!"

Everybody tried hard and did really well!!

They wrote 3 or 4 sheets and chose the best one by themselves.
It took soooo long to pick the best one!!

I'm proud of you guys!