Spring has come!!

Our Spring Program was over yesterday.

Let's take a look at the class.

  Listen carefully to the teacher...

 We are making a bag♪


Believe me, it was so yummy❤

Thank you for joining us.
Our new school year is starting this coming Saturday.

See you soon!!


Playschool Cooking

one year has gone by so fast!

It's time to say goodbye to our friends
 who are moving on to Jr. Kinder and other Kindergartens.

We had a Goodbye Party
and made yummy tofu chocolate banana parfaits 😊

First step is to mix everything together
Tofu and Chocolate!!? 

Mix, Mix, Mix

Crushing cookies to top off our parfaits 💙
Please watch your fingers!
Once everything is done its time to layer everything together...
1,2,3 LET'S EAT!

Yum! Yum!
A healthy and delicious snack!

We also took some time to learn about animals that slither 
and make some play dough snakes!


Spring Program Started!!

Spring program started yesterday !!
Here is Bunny banks !!
3/22(Wed) Craft

We made a Piggy bank!No,It's a Bunny bank💚💚
                                                                                                                             3/23(Thu) Cooking
We made pizza 🙌
It tastes good !!


Thank you coach!!

Our soccer coach visited to our school for us,and we played with him for a while.It was very fun !!
All the kids were so excited to play with him at school♪

 Thank you for teaching us soccer and playing with us Coach!
We enjoyed our soccer time a lot.
See you next time☆


Strawberry Picking

Preschool went strawberry picking !
At first, we listened to the rules from the owner.
Wow ! So many strawberries!
Look at my strawberry !
Where is a big, sweet strawberry ???