October Discovery - Part 1

This is an announcement for Discovery on October 11 (Tue).

YES!!  Now is the time for Halloween!  
Don't miss for your sign-up!

Please contact the office for sign-up or questions.  Thank you.

Kinder Class  ☆Trip to a Planetarium☆

We have been studying space and the solar system!!

What is the biggest planet?
Is the sun a planet??
How do they go on their orbit???

I'm the moon going around the earth!!

What are you?
I'm Venus!

To reinforce what we are learning, we went to a planetarium and saw beautiful stars and constellations!!
We had lots of fun!!  

Jr.Kinder Dinosaurs!!

We are learning about Giants this month.
Look at our cool dinosaurs!!


We made dinosaur masks and we did a dinosaur dance for Playschool♪ 

So cool! And Yummy!
Look at our dinosaur cakes!


I Can Do It! Moving Fast

I Can Move Fast, I Can Move Slow is our theme for this week!
Today we made colorful cheetahs masks!

Even after the long weekend we were all excited to be back at school!

We enjoyed our new circle time playlist dancing the morning away and in the afternoon got our hands dirty at craft time.

What do you think about my mask?

more glue please!

make sure the whiskers are on straight!



Afterschool Plus      土曜日 9:15~14:15 (5時間)

今日はその中からAfterschool Plus というクラスを少しご紹介 !


Afterschool Plus (Sat) 9:15-14:15

Afterschool Plus is our full day Saturday program. Afterschool is our program for students ages 3-6 who would like to learn English in a natural manner using songs, games, crafts and play. Reading readiness skills, including basic phonics, are also introduced in this class.Children can have a longer English immersion experience.
Learning alphabet


September Discovery - Part 2

This is an announcement for our second Discovery on September 26 (Mon).
Contact the office for sign-up or questions.  Thank you.


プリスクール説明会・Preschool Orientation


説明会にご参加いただいたお子様にはJunior Kinderクラスへの体験レッスン(2時間)のチケットをお渡しさせていただきます。


We would like to invite interested parents and their children to an introduction of our Preschool program  (Junior Kinder and Kinder classes). If you are interested in an international Preschool education, this is your chance to get to know us and to ask any questions about the program and our school.

    Date:   10 October, 2016
◆時間/Time:10:30 ~ 11:30 
    Place:   Nishinomiya International School
◆対象:Playschool保護者様,Preschool 希望外部生の保護者様
   Guests: Parents/Guardians of Playschool students or children  
   who will be eligible for Preschool from April 2017.

説明会へのご参加をご希望の方はスクールまでお電話にてご予約をお願い致します。 If you would like to attend Preschool Orientation, please give us a call and let us know you are coming!! 

Nishinomiya International School ☎ (0798)75-6660


Summer Kinder & Jr.Kinder

How do you cool down on a hot day??

We had a wet day and made shaved ice!!

We enjoyed being soooo wet!!
Bang Bang!

Shaved ice in the afternoon!
What's your favorite flavor??

Woooo! Blue tongue!!

That was a good way to cool down!!
We wanna do it again!!