Jr. Kinder Pirates

Arrrr!  We've been learning how to be pirates this month!  We have pirate rules, pirate parrots, and we like to say "Arr!"

And some of us like to wear cool earrings when we play pirates.

The first thing every pirate has to do, is make their own pirate hat.
We raise the pirate flag.
And sing our pirate song.


Summer has come !

Summer is here !
It's hot, hot, hot every day.
But Summer is Fun ☆

Summer is everywhere in our school, too !!!

Wow, big whale !
Lots of sunflower !

All Aboard ! We are Pirates !  (JK)
Kinder  Class learn Animals and Habitats

Let's enjoy Summer together !


☆Water Play Week☆

Recently it's been so hot, so in Playschool we cooled ourselves down with some water play
Are you ready?

We have to pick our favorite toys to play with...

The pool was a bit scary at first 
so we had to warm up the idea of water play instead of the usual walk to the park

 once we got going though it was a lot of fun!!
we caught lots of fish!

figuring out how to use the water shooters 
 we also did some quick cooking making soups and juices to serve to our friends


Summer's just started.. hopefully we can play a bit more with water next month too!


Puffy Paint Discovery

On July 5th we made Puffy Paint in Discovery!
We started by making the paint using flour, salt and water.

After mixing all the ingredients, we added colors and tried to make our own special shades!

Then we started to draw pictures. Inspired by a “Zootopia” song, some of us decided to draw Judie Hopps’ portraits.

After finishing our pictures, we put them in the microwave and got our puffy masterpieces!
Then we decorated them with sprinkles.

We enjoyed this new way of drawing!


Junior Kinder Around Town

June was a pretty busy month for us because we learned about several businesses around town.

We went to the bakery, and in class we experimented with some baking ingredients like flour!  What messy fun!

We visited the post office and saw where they put our mail.

We bought and decorated post cards to send home!

 And of course we played "Post Office"!
 Maybe everyone's favorite weekly theme was the hairdresser.  Everyone was excited to get their hair cut, and to give haircuts to friends.


Junior Kinder Bakery Trip

Our awesome  bakery trip to Ryoichi Yamauchi last month.
It was very fun and so exciting to see all the stuff which they use for making bread.
I want to see!!!
Let's put some flour

They showed us how to make croissant.
Tomatoes, Onions, bacon and cheese


Who wants to make a pizza??
"I DO!!"

I need more onions...

We made bakery hat card for baker.
Thank you for today!
It was very fun♪

We love pizza♪