Kinder :February

This month, the Kinder class held a marathon competition!!
We trained for several weeks in Shukugawa park.  Everyone did their best and finished the marathon.  We are so proud of them.

"On your mark.  Get set.  Go!! "

"I'm going to be first!!”

”We got a medal 😃 "

At the end of this month, we had an Open School.  The kids and parents made a parfait together, then enjoyed a picnic-style lunch and had the parfait for dessert!!
We had a great time 😍

"I'm cutting a banana!"

"My parfait is yummy!!"


Fashion Show in Playschool

Last week we held our fashion show in Playschool. The kids enjoyed dressing up in cute dresses and costumes. Please enjoy the pictures!

                                                                     Can't wait for summer!

Pose like a real princess :)

Sometimes our clothes were a bit over-sized.
                                                               We got to play cowboys...
                                                                       And a lot more...

Do you like my sunglasses?