Nishinomiya International School

Christmas Music Concert and Play   

We had  one of the biggest events of the year.
Children enjoyed singing,dancing and Play.

Kinder Performance

Junior Kinder Performance


Playschool Performance

☆Thank you for coming☆
  ☆Merry Christmas ☆


Playschool Christmas Cooking

Christmas is coming!!

So to get into the holiday spirit we decorated Christmas Cookies in Playschool!
we made our own red and green icing and got to work!

The sprinkles were a little tricky...

Everything looks so yummy!!

Add the finishing touches..

What do you think?
I hope mommy and daddy like it!

I'm Finished! YUM YUM!
Our Christmas Performance is this Sunday and we get to meet Santa!!
so we made one for him too!


Jr.Kinder December

Our Christmas show is on this Sunday!!
We all practiced our lovely songs and exciting play very much.
We tried to work on our first lines very hard.
We hope you're looking forward to it!

Singing  louder
We also practice lyrics for our Christmas songs.

Dancing as well

Stamp your feet slowly.
It looks like a Christmas tree.
Paint and decorate pine cones
Make them our own Christmas tree!


☆Kinder☆ Christmas Show Practice

4 more days to before Christmas show.
Kinder Class is busy rehearsing for the play!!

These singing and dancing.....

Lots of acting....and difficult lines to memorize.

They are both nervous and excited to be on stage:)

We hope you enjoy it!!
See you all on the big day!!!