Fun with bubbles in Playschool

To continue our summer festivities we got a bit soapy playing with bubbles!
Everyone did a fantastic job blowing and popping bubbles!

Let's make a big one!



Summer Fun-Playschool


Ok, we knew how to do !
One, two, three......

Discovery for September!!

Thank you for waiting for Discovery!!

We are going to have Discovery on Tuesday, September 6th and Monday, 26th.
Here is the first one's announcement.


Let's learn how to make Russian traditional Piroshki together♪

Please contact to the office for sign-up or questions.  Thank you.

[Discovery Class受講について]

Discovery Kids Club is for curious children who are interested in trying new things as they explore the world around them.  Using cooking, arts and Science; students are given the opportunity to discover new things with friends.  This class is available for both enrolled students and non-enrolled students ages 3 and up.  Tickets are available at the office for 1 time and 5 times.


Summer Fun! Day 9 -Intensive

Summer Fun! Intensive class has been focusing on a different animal each day.
Today we studied sea turtles. We don't just study though! We also have fun!

Let's make a sea turtle waffle!

Needs more chocolate!

Summer Fun!! Day 8 Elememtary

We are back from our Obon holidays and having fun!

Our Elementary Fun class has been focusing on pirates.
Today, they got physical and did PIRATE YOGA!

Treasure Chest Pose!

Flag Pose!


Summer Fun! Day 7

Today was field trip day, and we went to  Osaka Museum of Natural History!

So big!!

So beautiful!

Look at all the colors!

We want to come again!


Summer Fun!! Day 6

So much fun with water !

Enjoy smelling some kinds of spice !
Reading time

Summer School

Fun Kinder

Cooking Alphabet Soup !

 Fun Intensive
Snake is today's topic !
Does this look like snake ?

Fun Elementary
Making Pirates Ship is so cool !


Summer Fun!! Day 5 - Elementary

The theme for Elementary Class this summer is "Pirates!"

Yesterday, we studied the names of the parts of a pirate ship.

We built pirate ships using the words we learned.

Then we raced our ships using uchiwa fans.

Today we learned about the parts of a sword, and made our own pirate swords!


Summer Fun ! Day 4 POPCORN PARTY !!

Our regular preschool children are also enjoying summer.
Today, they had a POPCORN Party !!

Yummy! Yummy!! Yummy~♪ 


Summer Fun!! Day 3

Summer Fun Kinder class had fun making Pizza and learning a bit about Italian culture.

Chop the veggies!

Lots of chopping...


We made Venetian masks also! What fun!

Summer Fun!! Day Two

The second day of our Summer Fun! program was brain building day for the Summer Fun Kinder class. They explored things that stretch.

My body can stretch!

Look at the flubber stretch!

I can even play games with stretchy things!


Summer Fun!! Day One!!

The month of August is always busy at Nishinomiya International School, as it is the start of Summer Fun!

In Summer Fun: Intensive, our summer program for elementary-age students who have an intermediate or advanced level of English skills, we are studying animals and insects using experiments, reading, art, writing and even theater!

Today we started with spiders...
We learned important vocabulary with games and reading activities, tried to make the biggest and strongest webs we could  using our engineering skills, wrote what we really thought about spiders, and course showcased what we had learned at the end of the lesson during presentation time.

Spiders are cool!